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MIDIbox SEQ V4 Lite released

MIDIbox SEQ V4 Lite (in short: MBSEQV4L) is a minimalistic but powerful “MIDI sequence looper” which allows to apply various MIDI effects to spice up the original recording. The sequencer never has to be stopped! Even when a new sequence should be entered, loaded or stored from/on a SD Card, MIDI effects are added, etc. It will always run in sync with the internal or externally supplied clock.

The Frontpanel PCB bulk order has been started now!

MIDIbox SCE for Korg Wavestation

This is a demo of a MIDIbox based DIY project that emulates both PROG- and PCM-cards for the Korg Wavestation line of synthesizers. These units were produced in the early 90s. While they are not exactly collector’s items, the RAM-, ROM-, and PCM-cards for these are very sought after today. The DIY project demoed here aims at replacing a RAM/ROM (PROG) and a PCM (waveform) card with a little MIDIbox-based circuitry and software that allows to load the corresponding data from SD card. Of course, sound- and waveform-data can also be read from card(s) and saved onto the SD card…

Forum Article

sammichFM by Nils and Wilba


sammichFM was designed to be the “no excuses” MIDIbox FM synthesizer kit – i.e. for all those people who want a MIDIbox FM but consider building it with modules too time-consuming, too newbie-unfriendly and/or too hard to design and construct a control surface.

sammichFM therefore has the following design constraints/features, which support each other:

  • looks a lot like sammichSID
  • cheap (relative to fully modular MIDIbox FM with “pro-looking” control surface)
  • small
  • DIY newbie friendly
  • minimal control surface
  • single “walwart”/AC adapter supply, no bipolar PSU and mains power wiring!
  • sandwich-style” stacked PCB design, no wires!
  • laser-cut 3mm acrylic case by Ponoko, customization possible
  • industry standard 2×20 character LCD, customization possible
  • common control surface parts used, customization possible
  • available as a complete kit, including PCBs, components, case, hardware and new OPL3 chipset!

MIDIbox FM Synthesizer features

  • One Core module and one OPL3 module, fully integrated on one PCB with power supply.
  • 4 simultaneous instruments of 6 voice polyphony each, plus drum kit. Each voice is a 4 operator waveform.
  • Each instrument can be routed to one of four audio outputs, via two stereo 1/4″ phono jacks.
  • Five “BankStick” slots, so you can store 5 banks of 128 patches, 32 “Ensembles” and 16 “Drumsets”
  • Minimal control surface with up/down arrow buttons for fast menu scrolling.
  • 2×20 character LCD with support for low-power (25mA) or high-power (250mA) LED backlight.
  • Potential for future upgrade to 32-bit microcontroller via an undocumented “daughterboard” header.

    More details on this Wiki page, discussions in this forum article.

    sammichFM Assembly video made by Siempre La Luna (featuring backing track by TK!)