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PCBs and base PCB parts kits ARE AVAILABLE NOW at SmashTV's shop!

“The rest of this page is old and most of it no longer applies. I am waiting for the wiki fairy to come along and tidy it up… lol” -Wilba

This page is a summary of the (atm) 20 pages long mb6582 PCB and kit thread located here. So far the first 20 pages are incorporated into this page.

General info

When will they ship?

Can I order yet?

I have a question/comment/suggestion.

Will CS kits be available as well?

I don't want to wait. Can I etch my own PCB/have it etched?

Is there a BOM available for the base & control boards with part numbers from mouser, etc?

I already have parts X, Y and Z, can they be left out of the kit to reduce the price?

I need to finish the project by tomorrow/next month because [enter_reason_here]. Can I get a kit now?