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-====== ​Fadercore ​======+[[fadercore_-_fadermodule_for_audio_daw|Fadercore]]
 +Standard 220mm wide Modules
 ===== VLR-8oDisp ===== ===== VLR-8oDisp =====
-A PCB for chaning up to 32 OLEDs on 4x8 OLED Modules. +A PCB for chaning up to 32 OLEDs on 4x8 OLED Modules.\\ 
 +It can be connected to the RTPMIDI-CORE-STM32F4 from BEB DigitalAudio. \\ 
 +The Thread about that cool piece of Hardware is here: http://​​forums/​topic/​18526-midibox-goes-rtp-midi/​ \\ 
 +And you can Order his parts directly over his contact formula on the site:​http://​​contact.html 
 {{:​fadercore-vlr-8odisp.png?​800|}} {{:​fadercore-vlr-8odisp.png?​800|}}
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 Allways look for the cheapest seller, the Price may vary heavy!!! Allways look for the cheapest seller, the Price may vary heavy!!!
-And look for Local dealers preferred. ​+And look for Local dealers preferred. ​[[http://​​dokuwiki/​doku.php?​id=where_to_order_components]]
 == The OLEDs == == The OLEDs ==
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   * 2x10pin Header, 517-30310-6002   * 2x10pin Header, 517-30310-6002
   * 1x16pin Header, 517-30316-6002   * 1x16pin Header, 517-30316-6002
-  * 2x8Pin ​DIP, 571-1-390261-4+  * 2x16Pin ​DIP, 571-1-390261-4
   * 1xResistor Array 220Ohm, 652-4116R-1LF-220   * 1xResistor Array 220Ohm, 652-4116R-1LF-220
   * 1x74HC595, 595-SN74HC595N   * 1x74HC595, 595-SN74HC595N
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 How to connect it to the Core How to connect it to the Core
 ==== Test it in MIOS ==== ==== Test it in MIOS ====
-This is a Test file for Mios: +This is a Test file for Mios:\\ 
- +\\ 
- +\\ 
-LCD "​%C"​ +LCD "​%C"​\\ 
-LCD "​@(1:​1:​1)OLED1"​ +LCD "​@(1:​1:​1)OLED1"​\\ 
-LCD "​@(2:​1:​1)OLED2"​ +LCD "​@(2:​1:​1)OLED2"​\\ 
-LCD "​@(3:​1:​1)OLED3"​ +LCD "​@(3:​1:​1)OLED3"​\\ 
-LCD "​@(4:​1:​1)OLED4"​ +LCD "​@(4:​1:​1)OLED4"​\\ 
-LCD "​@(5:​1:​1)OLED5"​ +LCD "​@(5:​1:​1)OLED5"​\\ 
-LCD "​@(6:​1:​1)OLED6"​ +LCD "​@(6:​1:​1)OLED6"​\\ 
-LCD "​@(7:​1:​1)OLED7"​ +LCD "​@(7:​1:​1)OLED7"​\\ 
-LCD "​@(8:​1:​1)OLED8"​ +LCD "​@(8:​1:​1)OLED8"​\\ 
-LCD "​@(9:​1:​1)OLED9"​ +LCD "​@(9:​1:​1)OLED9"​\\ 
-LCD "​@(10:​1:​1)OLED10"​ +LCD "​@(10:​1:​1)OLED10"​\\ 
-LCD "​@(11:​1:​1)OLED11"​ +LCD "​@(11:​1:​1)OLED11"​\\ 
-LCD "​@(12:​1:​1)OLED12"​ +LCD "​@(12:​1:​1)OLED12"​\\ 
-LCD "​@(13:​1:​1)OLED13"​ +LCD "​@(13:​1:​1)OLED13"​\\ 
-LCD "​@(14:​1:​1)OLED14"​ +LCD "​@(14:​1:​1)OLED14"​\\ 
-LCD "​@(15:​1:​1)OLED15"​ +LCD "​@(15:​1:​1)OLED15"​\\ 
-LCD "​@(16:​1:​1)OLED16"​ +LCD "​@(16:​1:​1)OLED16"​\\ 
-LCD "​@(17:​1:​1)OLED17"​ +LCD "​@(17:​1:​1)OLED17"​\\ 
-LCD "​@(18:​1:​1)OLED18"​ +LCD "​@(18:​1:​1)OLED18"​\\ 
-LCD "​@(19:​1:​1)OLED19"​ +LCD "​@(19:​1:​1)OLED19"​\\ 
-LCD "​@(20:​1:​1)OLED20"​ +LCD "​@(20:​1:​1)OLED20"​\\ 
-LCD "​@(21:​1:​1)OLED21"​ +LCD "​@(21:​1:​1)OLED21"​\\ 
-LCD "​@(22:​1:​1)OLED22"​ +LCD "​@(22:​1:​1)OLED22"​\\ 
-LCD "​@(23:​1:​1)OLED23"​ +LCD "​@(23:​1:​1)OLED23"​\\ 
-LCD "​@(24:​1:​1)OLED24"​ +LCD "​@(24:​1:​1)OLED24"​\\ 
-LCD "​@(25:​1:​1)OLED25"​ +LCD "​@(25:​1:​1)OLED25"​\\ 
-LCD "​@(26:​1:​1)OLED26"​ +LCD "​@(26:​1:​1)OLED26"​\\ 
-LCD "​@(27:​1:​1)OLED27"​ +LCD "​@(27:​1:​1)OLED27"​\\ 
-LCD "​@(28:​1:​1)OLED28"​ +LCD "​@(28:​1:​1)OLED28"​\\ 
-LCD "​@(29:​1:​1)OLED29"​ +LCD "​@(29:​1:​1)OLED29"​\\ 
-LCD "​@(30:​1:​1)OLED30"​ +LCD "​@(30:​1:​1)OLED30"​\\ 
-LCD "​@(31:​1:​1)OLED31"​ +LCD "​@(31:​1:​1)OLED31"​\\ 
-LCD "​@(32:​1:​1)OLED32"​+LCD "​@(32:​1:​1)OLED32"​\\ 
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