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A place to put articles, howtos and guides about the MIDIbox universe. These articles are meant to complement the official user manuals on, going into a bit more depth on core concepts, features, workflows and usecases to help users learn more about how to do fun stuff with their MIDIboxes.

Feel free to add or link your own articles, and help document these amazing devices. Also, feel free to edit existing articles to add to or improve them. It'd be really great if you added something here - the better these devices are documented, the more usable they'll be, and it'll be easier for all of us to learn new things about how they can be used. It's also a great way to give something back to the MIDIbox project if you're not great with code or hardware design. If you don't have a Wiki account, ask in the Documentation Project forum, and hopefully an admin will set you up with an account.

Each MIDIdocs article is linked to its own “Discussion Thread” in the MIDIbox Forums where you can ask questions, make comments or corrections, and discuss the topics in each article.


  • add your project to the User Projects page
  • if it's finished, you might also want to add it to the Projects page, which is a more prominent place, but shouldn't be overloaded with ongoing (unfinished) projects.
  • new project pages should begin with the “mididocs:” namespace, e.g. “mididocs:mymidibox”
  • no more rules (yet)
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