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Compiling the code
Once your pre-compile changes have been made, you are ready to compile the code into an executable form. This project was already well underway before the new development environment was announced. I may port it over at some future time, but for now you will need MPLAB to perform the compile. This should be simple. Install MPLAB on your windows computer, then copy the source directory onto that computer. MPLAB has had problems in the past with long path names, so I usually create the source directory in the root of the drive it is on.
From MPLAB project menu, create a new project. Add “main.asm” as a source file. Again from the project menu, select “Build All”. You should see an output window open, and after a few seconds, the message “BUILD SUCCEEDED” should appear. If it all really works that easily, you now have a “MAIN.hex” file that contains all of the code for this application.

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