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 +Software configuration\\
 +Some software options must be made before compiling, others should be made after the application is loaded and running. These are the after-compile options:\\
 +Note: there is an application included to allow configuration by creating MIDI files from a command line. See “[[pga:​configmixer|ConfigMixer]]” for details.
 +Each MIDI channel of the board may be set as “line mixer” (2 audio channels used) or as a full mixer including effects loops(4 audio channels used). Yes, each channel may be set either way individually. To set a channel to “line mixer”, send a control change 15 (decimal) with a value below 64. To set a channel to “full mixer”, send a CC 15 value above 63.\\
 +If you have a full mixer, you may set each effects loop of each channel as pre-fader or post-fader.\\
 +Effects Loop 1 is set to pre/post by Control change 80 (d). Effects Loop 2 pre/post is CC#81\\
 +Once your basic configuration is working, set each channel to the desired “default” (power up) state. This will be silent for most people, but you may want something different. Once everything is set just the way you want at power up, send a control change 22 with a value of zero. This will store the entire board and all channels into bank zero, which will be loaded automatically every time the board is reset. You may save up to 64 boards for instant recall if you like.
 +A few notes on configuration:​ The mixer program can support a LOT of different commands. You do not need to use them all. If you don't use “Master Volume”, set it to 127 and forget it. If you don't use Expression, set it to 127 on all channels and forget it. If you are not using Effects Loops, you can ignore all those controls too.
 +Preset memory space has enough room for 64 complete boards. You may also save and load individual channels too. If you save your startup into bank zero, you can load just one channels startup by sending a program change of 0 on that channel. The individual patches come from within the full banks of the same number.
 +There is an {{pga:​|Excel file}} included that describes the MIDI implementation.
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