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 +cronym for Programmed Input/​Output,​ a method of transferring data between two devices that uses the computer'​s main processor as part of the data path. ATA uses PIO and defines the speed of the data transfer in terms of the PIO mode implemented,​ as shown in the information below: 
 +PIO Mode, Data Transfer Rate (MBps), Standard 
 +0 3.3 ATA 
 +1 5.2 ATA 
 +2 8.3 ATA 
 +3 11.1 ATA-2 
 +4 16.6 ATA-2 
 +ATA-3, ATA/33 and ATA/66 do not have a PIO mode assignment as of yet, although ATA-3 is often used in PIO4 since it is really a correction to ATA-2.
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