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 ====== Universal Led Ring ====== ====== Universal Led Ring ======
-===== Introduction ===== 
-Cause i can not find precise led ring.\\ 
-There'​s no existing solution to get 16 pots in line with its rings which fits in a 19" rack face.\\ 
-So i tried to design it. 
-The goal: 
-   * 20mm diameter ring. 
-   * 32 matriced bicolor Leds on SR with PWM support. 
-   * Width<​27mm between 2 rings for 16 pots or encoders to fit in a 19" rack. 
-   * Support encoders and potentiometers 270° and 300°. ​ 
-   * Low profile for integration facility. 
-   * No component on top side except leds. 
-I need to drive 32 leds, 4*8. The trick was to find a register which has 12 ouputs and compatble with SR line(DOUT). 
-The <wrap download>​[[http://​​documents/​data_sheet/​HEF4894B.pdf|NXP HEF4894B]] 
-</​wrap>​ was made for it, i's a 12-stage shift-and-store register, its operation is very similar to that of the 74HC595(serial I/O, serial clock, parallel load) except that it has a strobe input for PWM function.\\ 
-Autocad design rendering:​\\ 
-In fab at [[http://​|Osh Park]] 
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