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Welcome to the MIDIbox Knowledge Base

If you ever wanted to build the midi controller or sequencer of your dreams, or if you want to develop your own, custom MIDIbox - you came to the right spot :)

We are working hard to improve the vast amount of information around. If you can help us, please feel free to add or correct things. If you want to discuss documentation or wiki issues, please post to the forum.

You need a MIDIbox-forum account to edit pages.


  • Introduction to - recommended reading! 98% of all newbie-questions in the forum are answered in here
  • MBHP Acronyms - Acronyms and abbreviations often used here. If you don't know what AIN or BS means… just look it up before you continue!
  • References - Links, Book Reviews and Specification References: Look it up!
  • FAQ - Questions and Answers - Find the Answers to the most frequent questions here!
  • The homepage of Thorsten Klose, the creator of MBHP & MIOS with loads of documentation

MIDIbox Projects

  • MIDIbox Projects - MIDIbox devices like Controllers, Synthesizers, Sequencers and all sorts of different DIY-projects. You will find tutorials, manuals, descriptions and links for over 20 both official as well as inofficial user projects - for example the famous MIDIbox SID Synthie, the MIDIbox Sequencer or the latest Traktor Controller…
  • User Projects - a large list of finished and ongoing MIDIbox projects created by experienced users

MIDIbox Operating System (MIOS)

MIDIbox Hardware Platform (MBHP)

  • MBHP - the MIDIbox Hardware Platform with detailed information about available modules
  • modules_and_parts - Where to order, part references (eg. how to connect an Encoder)
  • Basics - How to get started, things you'll need, Soldering, Tips & Tricks
  • Troubleshooting - If you're stuck with your modules, check on this page

MIDIbox Community

  • Users – Create your own page and show what you're doing with your midibox!
  • User Projects - Add your projects, codes, pictures here! You can find a lot of cool customized boxes!
  • MIDIbox Forum - Get involved!

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