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 +From [[jackchaos]] via [[http://​​forum/​index.php?​topic=7959.0|Code Optimization]]
 +From I've been watching my code block size increase steadily as I work on my project and I'm now aware first hand of how assembler can be much more efficient that what a compiler can do.
 +I wanted to share a method I use to determine if my C optimizations are reducing the code size.
 +If you look inside the file, at the top, look for the name of the function you're working on like this:
 +S_main__Update_LFO_LED_Status ​      ​code ​  ​0x006304 ​   program ​  ​0x0000fa
 +On the end is the size of the function in bytes: 0x0000fa = 250 bytes
 +Every time you compile your source, the will update the starting address of the functions and show the bytes it uses.
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