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 ===== Assembly ===== ===== Assembly =====
 +Decide on the configuration to be used. Any combination of switches, encoders or OLEDs is possible if they fit.
 +Only one encoder is wired to the J1 header. If you want to use the EN2 position, wire the legs to the empty EN1 solder points.
 +R9 and C29 form the power-on reset for OLEDs. R7 should not be installed. R3/​C25/​R4/​C26 form a termination shunt for OLED data lines. They shouldn'​t be required.
 +The switches accommodate either DT6 or 6mm switches (obviously only one type!). For DT6 switches, ensure the flat side is aligned with the PCB silkscreen.
 +J2 can supply power if needed.
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 ==== Interconnections ==== ==== Interconnections ====
-  * J1+{{::​scsoled:​j1.png?​nolink&​200|}}
 +J1 is the SCS header, connecting to J10A
-===== Dimensions =====+J2 can provide power as indicated; it is also connected on J5.
-{{:​encs:​encs.png?​link&​400|}}+J5 connects to J15 on the Core (or equivalent) 
 +===== Dimensions =====
-{{ }}+{{:scsoled:scsoled.png?​link&​600|}}
 +{{ :​scsoled:​ |}}
 ===== License ===== ===== License =====
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