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 ===== Assembly ===== ===== Assembly =====
-LEDs +1206 caps should go down first, followed by LEDs. The LEDs should be oriented with the notch aligned with the silkscreen mark. The headers (rear side) are best soldered before the encoders.  
 +The encoders should be installed so they can turn freely. If they are tight against the LEDs, the shafts will not turn properly. A spacer piece can be placed around the LED to raise it up. It's then best to straighten the two mounting pins (either side of the three contact pins) forming part of the metal body (otherwise there'​s not enough purchase to get the encoder solidly mounted). A 2mm spacer piece would probably be better than the 3mm one I've distributed. 
 ==== Interconnections ==== ==== Interconnections ====
 +  * J1 is a power header with +5V as marked, middle pin 0V.
   * J2 normally connects to Core J4B (I2C)   * J2 normally connects to Core J4B (I2C)
   * J3 carries the WS2812B chain for additional modules   * J3 carries the WS2812B chain for additional modules
-  * J4 connects ​to a DIN header +  * J4-7 connect ​to DINX4 headers 
-  * J5 connects to a DOUT header+ 
 +===== Dimensions ===== 
 +{{ :​encs:​ }}
 ===== License ===== ===== License =====
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