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It's actually quite easy! As you can see in the example below, just enclose the ASM part with __asm and __endasm;

You might have to declare some additional variables, but the concept is quite straightforward.

unsigned char Scale_7bit(unsigned char evnt2, unsigned char min, unsigned char max)
  // scaled value is (<8-bit random> * ) >> 8
  PRODL = evnt2 << 1; // 8bit value
  PRODH = max-min+1;  // range
    movf _PRODL, W
    mulwf _PRODH, 0
  return min + PRODH;

Also, as well as the above example of 'inline ASM', it is possible to include ASM code in .inc include files, and call that ASM code from within your C application. Please see the forum thread using assembler in C - question about _ in front of macro names for more info.

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