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 +MBMixer software ​
 +[[pga:​softwareoverview|Software overview]] provides a broad description of how the software works. If you want to read or edit the software, this would be a good starting point to understanding the program flow.\\
 +[[pga:​preconfigsoftware|Configuring before compiling]] is a guide to the changes you should make before compiling the code.\\
 +[[pga:​compile|Compiling the project]]. How to turn source code into an executable program.\\
 +[[pga:​loadapp|Downloading updates to your board]]. How to load your program into the MBMixer\\
 +[[pga:​postconfigsoftware|Configuring the mixer]]. A guide to changes you should make after the program is loaded and running.\\
 +[[pga:​patches|Saving and loading patches]]. A quick guide.\\
 +Current Firmware: Source\\
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