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 +Saving and Loading patches.\\
 +There is space in the MBMixer to store 64 complete, 16 channel board images. These may be saved and loaded by individual channels, or as complete boards. One “special” board is board zero. This board will be loaded automatically every time the MBMixer is powered up, or anytime an “All Sound Off” message (CC#120) is received on any channel.
 +Each channel save will include flags (effects pre/post settings, effects mutes, WithFX setting), Volume, Pan/​Balance,​ Expression, Effects Level 1, and Effects Level 2 for one channel. Each board save will include all sixteen channel saves.\\
 +As part of the setup, you should configure the board as you wish, then save it to channel zero. This will load automatically on every power on. The easiest way to set everything up is to use the “ConfigMixer” tool. This will create a format zero MIDI file that will set the boards options for you. Once everything is just right, send a Control Change 22 with a value of 0 to save as default, (or add -save 0 to the end of your command line to include the save in the .mid file)\\
 +The MIDI messages that relate to loading and saving patches are:\\
 +SavePreset (full board), Control Change 22, value range 0-63\\
 +LoadPreset (full board), Control Change 24, value range 0-63\\
 +Program Change 0 to 63 will load the saved settings for this channel only.\\
 +Program Change 64 to 127 will SAVE this channel into bank 0 to 63.\\
 +The full list of control changes available is [[pga:​midichart|here]].
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