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MIDIbox SCS Standard Control Surface module

The SCS module implements a standard user interface that is available as a module in the MIOS codebase. It goes nicely with a 20x character LCD and connects to J10 on the core board. An application example can be found in tutorial #027.

The PCB I have designed can accommodate three different types of switches: my favourite switches from Marquardt (6425 series), TK's favourites from ITT Schadow (D6 series) available at Reichelt, and the E-Switch TL1100 series (see e.g. MB SEQv4) can be used.


The v1.0 schematic of the MIDIbox SCS board can be downloaded here.


As with any user interface board, form follows function here. Switches and encoder are mounted on the front, everything else sits on the back of the PCB. There are mounting holes all over the PCB, SW5 (on the lower left) doubles the encoder switch if needed, e.g. to act as a “fast” button.

The total size of the PCB is 97mm x 49mm.

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