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    4. Switch to a DokuWiki editor page (or new page) and paste the result in.    4. Switch to a DokuWiki editor page (or new page) and paste the result in.
 ===== ATTRIBUTION ===== ===== ATTRIBUTION =====
-I did not come up with this macro, ​though ​was looking to make something similarThe actual coding was done by http://​​projekte/​wordwiki/​ . Thank them for the fact you'​re ​using this. I only trivially hacked the functions to work with the slight differences inherent in DokuWiki formatting. And I rarely use Word. =} +I did not come up with this macro, I found it in pieces all over the web and made for other wiki formats, and strapped it all togetherIf you'​re ​a MIDIboxerjust hit me up if you need support.
- +
-A similar macro is available for converting OpenOffice documents to DokuWiki format at : +
-http://​​hillview/​OOo/​ +
- +
-I don't foresee any problems or need for this macro to be enhancedbut if you need to get a hold of me, the best way is by leaving a comment on my blog Across Weirdish Wild Space @ http://​ +
- +
-Enjoy ! +
-So yeh, ignore that stuff above, if you're a MIDIBoxer, just hit me up if you need support. 
 Cheers! Cheers!
 +===== CODE =====
 <​code>​ <​code>​
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