s32 MIOS32_DIN_Init (u32 mode)
s32 MIOS32_DIN_PinGet (u32 pin)
s32 MIOS32_DIN_SRGet (u32 sr)
u8 MIOS32_DIN_SRChangedGetAndClear (u32 sr, u8 mask)
s32 MIOS32_DIN_Handler (void *_callback)

Detailed Description

DIN functions for MIOS32

Function Documentation

s32 MIOS32_DIN_Handler ( void *  _callback  ) 

Checks for pin changes, and calls given callback function with following parameters:

   void DIN_NotifyToggle(u32 pin, u32 value)
[in] _callback pointer to callback function
< 0 on errors

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s32 MIOS32_DIN_Init ( u32  mode  ) 

Initializes DIN driver

[in] mode currently only mode 0 supported
< 0 if initialisation failed
s32 MIOS32_DIN_PinGet ( u32  pin  ) 

Returns state of a DIN pin

[in] pin number (0..127)
1 if pin is Vss (ie. 5V)
0 if pin is 0V
-1 if pin not available

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u8 MIOS32_DIN_SRChangedGetAndClear ( u32  sr,
u8  mask 

Returns the DIN pin toggle notifications after a SRIO scan. Should be used to check and clear these flags when processed by a DIN handler for exclusive access (avoid propagation of already handled DIN pin changes)

1) if a scan matrix handler processes the DIN pins of the first SR, it should call

   changed = MIOS32_DIN_SRChangedGetAndClear(0, 0xff)

to get a notification, if (and which) pins have toggled during the last scan. The flags will be cleared, so that the remaining handlers won't process the pins of the first DIN register anymore.

2) it's also possible, to check and clear only dedicated pins of the DIN register by applying a different pin mask. E.g.

   changed = MIOS32_DIN_SRChangedGetAndClear(0, 0xc0)

will only check/clear D6 and D7 of the DIN register, the remaining toggle notifications won't be touched and will be forwarded to remaining handlers

[in] sr shift register number (0..15)
[in] mask pin mask (8bit value)
8bit value which contains the selected (masked) change flags
no error status (-1)! - if unavailable SR selected, 0x00 will be returned

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s32 MIOS32_DIN_SRGet ( u32  sr  ) 

Returns state of a DIN shift register

[in] sr shift register number (0..15)
8bit value of shift register
-1 if shift register not available

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