_tagEBPB32 Struct Reference

#include <dosfs.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t fatsize_0
uint8_t fatsize_1
uint8_t fatsize_2
uint8_t fatsize_3
uint8_t extflags_l
uint8_t extflags_h
uint8_t fsver_l
uint8_t fsver_h
uint8_t root_0
uint8_t root_1
uint8_t root_2
uint8_t root_3
uint8_t fsinfo_l
uint8_t fsinfo_h
uint8_t bkboot_l
uint8_t bkboot_h
uint8_t reserved [12]
uint8_t unit
uint8_t head
uint8_t signature
uint8_t serial_0
uint8_t serial_1
uint8_t serial_2
uint8_t serial_3
uint8_t label [11]
uint8_t system [8]

Field Documentation

uint8_t _tagEBPB32::label[11]
uint8_t _tagEBPB32::reserved[12]
uint8_t _tagEBPB32::system[8]

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