scs_menu_item_t Struct Reference

#include <scs.h>

Data Fields

char name [6]
u32 ix
u16 maxValue
u16(* getFunct )(u32 ix)
void(* setFunct )(u32 ix, u16 value)
u16(* selectFunct )(u32 ix, u16 value)
void(* stringFunct )(u32 ix, u16 value, char *label)
void(* stringFullFunct )(u32 ix, u16 value, char *line1, char *line2)

Field Documentation

void(* scs_menu_item_t::stringFullFunct)(u32 ix, u16 value, char *line1, char *line2)
void(* scs_menu_item_t::stringFunct)(u32 ix, u16 value, char *label)

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