RXSTATUS Union Reference

#include <mios32_enc28j60_regs.h>

Data Fields

u8 v [4]
struct {
   u16   ByteCount
   unsigned char   PreviouslyIgnored:1
   unsigned char   RXDCPreviouslySeen:1
   unsigned char   CarrierPreviouslySeen:1
   unsigned char   CodeViolation:1
   unsigned char   CRCError:1
   unsigned char   LengthCheckError:1
   unsigned char   LengthOutOfRange:1
   unsigned char   ReceiveOk:1
   unsigned char   Multicast:1
   unsigned char   Broadcast:1
   unsigned char   DribbleNibble:1
   unsigned char   ControlFrame:1
   unsigned char   PauseControlFrame:1
   unsigned char   UnsupportedOpcode:1
   unsigned char   VLANType:1
   unsigned char   Zero:1

Field Documentation

struct { ... } RXSTATUS::bits
unsigned char RXSTATUS::Broadcast
unsigned char RXSTATUS::CodeViolation
unsigned char RXSTATUS::ControlFrame
unsigned char RXSTATUS::CRCError
unsigned char RXSTATUS::DribbleNibble
unsigned char RXSTATUS::Multicast
unsigned char RXSTATUS::ReceiveOk
unsigned char RXSTATUS::VLANType
unsigned char RXSTATUS::Zero

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