mf_state_t Union Reference

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Data Fields

struct {
   unsigned   ALL0:32
   unsigned   ALL1:32
   unsigned   ALL2:32
struct {
   unsigned   up:1
   unsigned   down:1
   unsigned   suspended:1
   unsigned   idle:1
   unsigned   direct_control:1
   unsigned   dummy:3+8
   u16   pos
   u8   pwm_ctr
   u8   manual_move_ctr
   u8   timeout_ctr
   u8   repeat_ctr
   mios32_mf_config_t   config
struct {
   mios32_mf_direction_t   direction

Field Documentation

struct { ... }
struct { ... }
struct { ... }
unsigned mf_state_t::ALL0
unsigned mf_state_t::ALL1
unsigned mf_state_t::ALL2
unsigned mf_state_t::down
unsigned mf_state_t::idle
unsigned mf_state_t::up

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