MIDIBox 64 : The design
Basic concept

When I decided to build a my box it was because I needed a controller surface for my music and audio applications. The design was primarily made with Cubase in mind, simply because this is my main sequencer and music application. Within Cubase there are several tasks that could use some hands on control, for example tweaking effects and softsynths and also basic mixing and EQ tasks. Cubase and many other audio applications these days have lots of features for remote control, therefore most of the functionality of the finished box is based purely on the software setup of the computer.

Steinberg Cubase VST


The main part of the design is the mixer section. It contains 8 channel strips and one master strip. Each channel strip contains a button that selects the according channel in Cubase, a led that lights up if a channel is selected (have to work out how to make this work), a volume fader, a pan pot and two aux. send pots. The master strip contains bank up and bank down buttons for increasing the number of virtual channels in Cubase you can control. It also contains a master volume fader, mute and solo buttons that work on the selected channel and master aux. send pots.

Native Instruments Traktor


The right part of the design was first made with VST Effects and Instruments in mind. It has a 5x5 button matrix that should cover the most advanced synths and effects out there. It also features 4 faders (both horizontal and vertical) and 4 buttons. After building the box I discovered that the design was perfect for DJ-mixing too! It's pretty basic really, but works like hell!.

The last part of the design is the menu part. It features the LCD display with it's contrast pot, menu left, right and exec buttons, a combined snapshot and sequencer start button and to the left, four programmable buttons. There is also a power-LED and two MIDI signal In and Out indicator LEDs (see special circuit later on in the walktrough).

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