MIDIBox 64 : A DIY MIDI Controller Surface

My MIDIBox 64 was based on the excellent project by Thorsten Klose found at
www.ucapps.de. I took interest in the project in it's early days, but when the 64 pot version was launched I decided it was time to build one myself. When I first started out I had no knowledge of electronics what so ever, but my box ended up exactly as I wanted! And if I can do it, so can you! As long as you've got some basic practical skills and some patience it'll be a breeze! Just follow the 10 steps in this walktrough and you'll end up with your very own MIDIBox 64!

Questions and ideas about the walktrough can be sent to me by email at but please check the Frequently Asked Questions first!

The 10 steps to your very own MIDIBox!

The design
Ordering the parts
Creating the panel
Building a case
Making the PCB
Soldering components
Soldering pots and buttons
Soldering everything else
Connecting and testing
Frequently Asked Questions

Some files

My panel design with holes layout
My Cubase SX remote setup

My MIDI-OX Visual Basic script
For inspirational purposes ONLY! This script is coded for my box and needs to be rewritten for another box. The comments are all in norwegian and the code sucks, so please: No questions! I will not answer emails about this code! :)

Some links

Midibox.org, everything in one place!
Thorsten's MIDIBox 64 page, with schematics and everything you'll need

Thanks to!
I would like to express enormous thanks to the following people! You've all been a vital factor to the completion of my box, I couldn't have done it without you!
  • My main man, Thorsten Klose!
  • Greg for his excellent PCB!
  • Sletaker, Urlien and all the other guys at El-labben, SBR Jørstadmoen!
  • The guy who helped me with my panel at JØTV, SBR Jørstdamoen!
  • The carpenters who gave me tips for my case!
  • Everyone at VUPI-brakka, SBR Jørstadmoen!
  • Everyone in the MIDIBox-forum and everyone I've forgotten!


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