MIDIBox 64 : Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I find the schematics for your box?
I buildt my box back in 2001 and the Midibox project has changed a lot since then. You should look for the updated schematics at Thorstens page.

How much will it cost me to build a box like yours?
I'd estimate that my box cost about 4000 NOK (570 EURO/$) to build, including the panel and the case. But it really depends on the components you use and where you order them. I ordered everything from Farnell, which is concidered to be pretty expencive, and I also ordered a lot of fancy stuff like the knobs for the pots and a blue power led. Added to that was the norwegian tax I had to pay because I imported the components from England.

How much time did you spend building your box?
I spendt about 2 months working on my box, working 1-4 hours a day. I would probably finish earlier if my soldering skills were better and my ambitions about the box were not as high, but I had a lot of spare time (was serving military service) and I enjoyed it!

Do you think I should build a controller myself or buy a commercial one?
If you are in doubt whether to build a box or buy a commercial one I'd focus on the two most important factors of the decicion:
  • 1. How important it is to you to have a unique and personal controller?
  • 2. How much time and money are you willing to put into it?
If you have a limited budget you should probably concider some of the smaller commercial controllers instead (the Mackie BabyHUI beeing the best one in my opinion). If money is not a problem, but you hate working long hours soldering I would recomend the larger Mackie controller (not the Huston, which has a lot of bugs). If you haven't got a problem with either money or time, and you like the idea of having your own uniquely designed controller I would say: Go for it!

Can you build a box for me? (I'll pay you good!)
A lot of people have been mailing me and asking if I can build a box for them. Some guy even proposed a deal for producing a lot of boxes for the commercial marked. But the answer is, and will always be, NO. Sorry!

The reasons for this are many. First of all, I haven't got the time, nor the equipment, anymore. Second, I really do think that the joy of having a unique controller like this comes from knowing that you did it yourself. If I were supposed to build the controller for you, you would be better of buying a commercial one, both in price and quality!

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