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Antix Midibox FM Build


I used MDF wood for the bottom and for the sides I used plywood with Zebrano veneer. The front and the rear panels are aluminium and a friend of mine made lasercutting in his workshop ( I designed it with Front Panel designer )then silkscreen ( an other friends in another workshop ) and at the end a layer of transparent acrylic.

The first problems was the long long time to wait the chips from Wilba because of the postal service.Wilba shipped to me the very next day but the parcel probably flight all around the world. The second crap was that my wife made crash on the floor the MB during the construction so the metal case has a little invisible dent.


1 PIC core ,1 Din and 1 Dout populated with only three chips. The display is one of the very first hitachi that I bought in the late 90,Saved for this project. Some wiring with a label on every wire against any error

The power supply is made by me with PCB etching and a good quality transformer ( the capacitors are high quality with low SR from railway technology )

Further Photos

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