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GM5x5x5 Parts List for Allied Electronics

This is a price list to be used with Allied Electronics for the gm5x5x5 module, version 1.1 (Red PCB). One of the reason I prefer Allied over, say, Mouser is faster shipping to my house (turn around time is 1 day at the cheapest shipping most of the time). Mouser has a larger selection, however, though Allied does offer some items cheaper and their customer service has always been extremely nice and helpful.

The list below is what I used to build my own gm5x5x5, though one substitution I would make is using DIL headers for the jumpers S1-S3 and J8 jumpers.

Sorry there is not a nice link to a pre-populated cart. I saved my own cart but there appears to be no way to offer it publicly. :(

ItemAllied Stock #QtyNotes
Crystal (16Mhz)895-06911
LED 3mm (Red)670-105811They are expensive and I don't know what resistor value you might need. By these from SmashTV instead)
Hex Inverter236-17475
USB Type B Socket374-00521
MIDI Socket932-020010
40-pin breakaway headers374-17681Also may want to buy from SmashTV
DIP Socket (8 position)374-55346
DIP Socket (14 position)374-55325
EEPROMN/A0I didn't use one and I also coudln't find a 24C04 specifically in a DIP package
Resistor - 220 Ohm296-475115
Resistor - 1K Ohm296-474118
Resistor - 27 Ohm296-47591
Resistor - 4.7k Ohm296-47691
Capacitor - 100nF507-02116
Capacitor - 10uF613-01241
Capacitor - 22pF507-02012
Capacitor - 1uF507-06061
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