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Installing GPUTILS and SDCC on FC5

This is just a clone of the gentoo details but specific for FC5. Should work for anything with yum and rpm.

install GPUTILS

the FC5 'extras' repository has a gputils package, so we can install it with:

yum install gputils

Install SDCC 2.5

yum didn't find a package for SDCC 2.5, so lets install it from an RPM. Download a 2.5.0 RPM from:

RPMFind SDCC search (I used “sdcc-2.6.0-1mdk.i586.rpm”).

and install it (either with 'rpm -ivh <filename>' or by opening it with the package installer from the firefox download window and following onscreen instructions.

Testing it all

* download

cd clockbox_v1_0

Output should look like:

gpasm -c -DSTACK_HEAD=0x37f -DSTACK_IRQ_HEAD=0x33f -I mios_wrapper mios_wrapper/mios_wrapper.asm -o _output/mios_wrapper.o
sdcc -S -mpic16 -p18F452 --fstack --fommit-frame-pointer --optimize-goto --optimize-cmp --disable-warning 85 --obanksel=2 -pleave-reset-vector -DDEBUG_MODE=0 main.c -o _output/main.asm
Processor: 18F452
perl tools/ _output/main.asm
gpasm -c _output/main.asm -o _output/main.o
sdcc -S -mpic16 -p18F452 --fstack --fommit-frame-pointer --optimize-goto --optimize-cmp --disable-warning 85 --obanksel=2 -pleave-reset-vector -DDEBUG_MODE=0 mclock.c -o _output/mclock.asm
Processor: 18F452
perl tools/ _output/mclock.asm
gpasm -c _output/mclock.asm -o _output/mclock.o
sdcc -S -mpic16 -p18F452 --fstack --fommit-frame-pointer --optimize-goto --optimize-cmp --disable-warning 85 --obanksel=2 -pleave-reset-vector -DDEBUG_MODE=0 pic18f452.c -o _output/pic18f452.asm
Processor: 18F452
perl tools/ _output/pic18f452.asm
gpasm -c _output/pic18f452.asm -o _output/pic18f452.o
gplink -s project.lkr -m -o project.hex _output/mios_wrapper.o _output/main.o _output/mclock.o _output/pic18f452.o
perl tools/ project.hex
Block 003000-0033FF allocated - Checksum: 62
Block 003400-0037FF allocated - Checksum: 52
Block 003800-003BFF allocated - Checksum: 07
Block 003C00-003FFF allocated - Checksum: 73
rm _output/main.asm _output/mclock.asm _output/pic18f452.asm
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