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MB-MTRX Bulk Order


MB-MTRX is a printed board for the 8×8 modulation matrix commonly used with the MB-SID projects. The main board itself is just the LEDs and buttons connected to SIL headers, which can connect to DIN/DOUT modules or daughterboards. The daughterboards are for converting the board to the MB-6582 design or when using shift-registers on the other control surface boards is desired.

You can find more information about the boards here.

The bulk order forum post is here


DISCLAIMER These boards have not been tested. It looks like it should work as advertised but until someone puts on together and gives it a spin, be aware of this. I cannot and will not make any guarantees to success! If in doubt, do not participate or, at least, have a look at the board layout and schematics.

International Shipping

I live in the United States so those keep this in mind when considering the bulk order due to international shipping.

The purpose of the bulk order is to make things cheaper for everyone, but I cannot control the price of shipping, and I have never shipped international before. I will full well admit I could use some help there. My thought is to ship to someone overseas willing to redistribute out to everyone else, in hopes to keep shipping down, and to generally make distribution easier for everyone.

I have not priced out these costs yet so, if you have any thoughts, please send me a PM.


For 25 boards, it will be around $15, possibly less depending on any deals going on at the time and how long a turn-around time I can get. For 50 this goes down to about $8.25. This does not include shipping (just the board price).

I may be going with these folks instead as the costs for a smaller run are favorable. For 20 boards, the cost will be about $10 a board. For less than that, the cost would be about $17. This is “back of the napkin” style math as I haven't yet done an official quote or anything. This option is still up in the air but thought I would share it for those on the fence about the bulk order pricing, or the next to hit 25 boards as minimum.

Bulk Order List

Put your name here only if seriously interested. However, it is not an obligation to buy anything at this point.

Username (Forums) Qty Board Color Preference
m00dawg 2 No Preference
rosch 2
Flying Panther 1 Slight preference for 'standard' Green
mastomo 2 No Preference
eptheca 2 No Preference
lameth 2 No Preference
Total 11
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