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The idea behind “Meta Events” is to provide the possibility to enhance the MIDIbox64/MIDIbox64E/MIDIO128 application by user specific functions, which are executed with a button trigger or pot/fader/encoder movement.

Normally these events are used to send exotic MIDI events (or SysEx messages), but they can also be used to control internal parameters of the application itself, if they are not already accessible via “Special Function Events”.

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FIXME describe, how Meta Events are assigned to a button/pot/encoder (Fn xx) with mk_syx/mk_midio128_syx or Serge's Editor

Programming Examples

See also the already given examples in,,

Here a new code snippet, which allows to set the global MIDI channel with buttons, which are assigned to meta event F0 01..F0 10 (Hexadecimal, for Channel #1..#16):

   ;; set global channel to the second byte of a F0 xx meta event

“F0 00” will disable the global channel feature, and MIDI events will be sent over the programmed MIDI channel

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