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To find midi devices known to cause problems check the midi_interface_blacklist.

Known to work MIDI interface/OS combinations include the following:

Vendor Model OSs notes
Edirol UM-880 OS X 10.10.2
Emagic amt8 Mac OS X 10.5
Unitor8 Mac OS X 10.5
E-MU 0404 USB Windows XP, Windows 7
1616 Windows XP
Juli@ Windows 7
Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 WinXP & Mac OS X 10.8
iConnectivity mio WinXP & MacOS X 10.8 In the LPC17, Midi Out only communicates with MIOS Studio if the R21 & R26 resistors are changed to 47 Ohm or bridged. See schematic & BOM updates on the mbhp_core_lpc17 page
M-AUDIO FastTrack Ultra Windows 7 64bit
MIDISport 2×2 Windows XP , Windows 7 64bit, Linux Does not work with MIDI Thru toggled.
UNO Windows XP 32bit
MBHP_USB_PIC Windows XP, Windows Vista, Win7, MacOS 10.5, MacOS 10.6
MIOS32 based USB devices Windows XP, Windows Vista, Win7, Win8, MacOS 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8
MOTU FastLane USB Windows XP, MacOS 10.4
midi express XT Win7 64bit
UltraLite MKIII MacOS 10.5, MacOS 10.6
Neusonik uMIDI/O22 Windows 7 64bit Drivers installed automatically. Was able to install sammichSID Application with MIOSStudio without any transfer errors.
Novation 25SL mk2 Windows 7 64bit
Phonic FireFly 808 Win7
Ploytec gm5 Windows XP, Win7, MacOS 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, Linux
RME Fireface 800 Win7, Win8
Soundblaster Audigy Some older driver versions don't work reliable, use the latest one.
Steinberg MIDEX3 Windows XP
MIDEX8 Windows XP
Tascam US-122L Win7
Terratec DMX6Fire Win2k, Linux
MIDI Hubble 2×2 Win7

:!: When adding to this list, try to keep it sorted alphabetically, please.

Recommended “least cost” MIDI interface: Neusonik uMIDI/O22 E.g. available at Thomann for 15 EUR:

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