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MIDIbox64, MIDIbox64E and MIDIbox MF offer an alternative “patch mode”, which changes the data organisation within the snapshot memory (internal EEPROM and external BankSticks).

This mode has been optimized for saving and restoring sound setups of synthesizers or other MIDI devices. In difference to “bank mode”, only one set of MIDI events can be defined for each BankStick:

  • MIDIbox64: one set of MIDI events for 64 pots/faders and 64 buttons
  • MIDIbox64E: one set of MIDI events for 128 virtual pot positions [1] [3] and 64 buttons
  • MIDIbox MF: one set of MIDI events for 128 virtual fader positions [2] [3] and 64 buttons

[1] the “virtual pot positions” can be controlled by up to 64 rotary encoders, and in addition but also by up to 64 pots/faders OR up to 8 motorfaders
[2] the “virtual faders positions” can only be controlled by up to 8 motorfaders
[3] depending on the number of physical control elements, the “128 virtual positions” are divided into groups, which are selectable with buttons, which are assigned to “special function codes” (SFB)

Each BankStick can store 128 patches.

A patch can be selected within the “Select Patch” menu.

A patch can also be selected with a “Program Change” command, sent from another MIDI device.

If the “auto snapshot” flag is enabled, all sound parameters (normaly CC's or Meta events for sending NRPN or SysEx) will be sent out via MIDI on a patch change. This flag can be set with the mk_syx Script, search for “AUTO_SNAPSHOT” in the midibox64.ini file It can also be set with Serge's MIDIbox Editor

Note: Patch mode is a compile option, it needs to be enabled in the main.asm file of the application. Thereafter a new .hex file has to be build and uploaded.

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