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A standalone arpeggiator for MBHP.


This first release is supposed to be a base for a future powerfull arpeggiator !! :)

The features

  • it read incoming notes, (and forward the rest)
  • Sort and hold notes in a 32byte buffer. (is it big enough ?)
  • Then play buffered notes Ascendingly.
  • The tempo is fixed, and the arpeggio speed is set to 3 tik (ppqn)

And now, let's discuss about some features and arp algorythm in the forum :)


  • Define how to set the Bpm (cc#)
  • Define how to set the Arp speed (cc#)
  • Read midi channel from incoming midi notes ( yes it's fixed, i'm lazy, as you can see ;) )
  • Define note length
  • Create some cool arp algorythms (plus defining method to select the algorythm)
  • Octave range
  • Latch (HOLD)
  • Add velocity support

The Code

Source code (based on clockbox) :

The hardware

to keep it simple, the only hardware needed is a core module.

( please wait for more features then we'll add some pots and buttons ;) )



doesn't it look cute ?

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