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a MIDI-to-control voltage converter project

MBHP Hardware Requirements

1 CORE module, 1 analog output module (AOUT, AOUT_LC, or AOUT_NG), 1 DINX1 module.

Recommended: LCD, BankStick.


Proposals for additional functions in future firmware versions

(Please add your ideas here:)

  • One Page Up, one Page Down button should replace the Select button for faster selection of CV output
  • variable pulselength of gate outs depending on velocity
  • Use individual CV-Outs for dynamic (eg velocity dependant) triggers or gates
  • Adress note on to different trigger outs, depending on “velocity zones”, eg to turn on accent or glide by velocity
  • Save different settings
  • “Rotate” note assignment in Poly mode (select “four voices” for example, then outputs 1-4 will rotate, advancing always with the next note. “Random” would also be nice. See: Oberheim 4-Voice.)
  • Vibrato LFO. Freerunning LFO summed into oscillator note output, amount controlled by Mod Wheel or Aftertouch, with a user-selected maximum output amount. In addition to existing note/pitch wheel summing. Useful here with multiple “note” channels, as opposed to the MIDIbox SID's limit of 2. If use of LFO out only is desired, note value can be used as an offset.
  • Support for realtime, encoder control of DIN Sync clock value (4 bars, 2 bars…1/4 notes, 1/4 note triplets, up to the maximum. See: Flame Clockwork. MIDI synch of LFO via this control, in this project, would be wonderful.)
  • Independent Pitch Wheel +/- ranges.
  • Support of multiple AOUTs to link 8-note/8-gate with 8-velocity/CC/etc.
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