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MIDIBox Pokey 2

Many years ago, back in 2007, nILS began his work on the MB-POKEY which is documented here on the Wiki and on the Forum

New projects came along that he maybe found more interesting, so now we have picked up from where he left to at least continue the work a bit further.

The ultimate goal would be a 4xPokey with full CS on LPC17, but for now it's a single Pokey on a PIC based MIOS8 Core.

A MAX Controller, usefull for testing when no CS.

Here you will find all my work.(Antichambre)

The sound is the same though, that great Atari sound.

Now the goal change, this chip sound will be integrated in a bigger project.
First do the same work as I did for the TIA.
Migrate to MIOS32.
TIA and POKEY share the same philosophy. Connect 1 CORE to N POKEY/TIA
Design a common CS.

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