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 \\ \\
-==== Bulk order ====+==== Find the kit ==== 
 +[[https://​​midibox-tia2600synth-partialkit|Modular Addict]]
-  * For the **PCB**, depends on the quantity, but for example for 10 pieces it's **15€** each.I can already solder and burn the PIC. just tell me. 
-  * For the **BackPlane**(with drill helper), price is 30€ @Schaeffer, price decreases with quantity, but still very expensive. I've got a CNC then I can make it for **10€**. Just tell me.\\ 
-  * I can do a group order for **components** @Mouser, price is about **30€**\\ 
-  * Because of my job, I've got a [[http://​​web/​p/​connecteurs-sub-d-idc/​0485956/​|SubD crimp]]ing tool then I can prepare the **Breakout cable** for you, like this:​\\ ​ 
-<WRAP column 45%> 
-<WRAP column 45%> 
-For you after to put the others connectors(supplied) on the other side, full breakout cable is **30~40€**,​ connectors are expensive, but it can be cheaper by reducing their quality.\\ 
-<WRAP clear></​WRAP>​ 
-  * If you provide your **Labels**, in AI(with template), I can print it and cut it out as sticker, **5€**.\\ 
-  * [[http://​​forums/​profile/​5424-psykhaze/​|Psykhaze]] and me, we can <​del>​try to</​del>​ source the **TIA model UM6520P1**(PAL,​ no separated outputs) for <​del>​**5€**</​del>​ <wrap em>​4€</​wrap>​ each. 
-<wrap hi>Total for this project is less than 120€.</​wrap>​ 
-<WRAP center round 100%> 
-Bulk is closed. 
-^Status ^Forum Pseudo ^country ^Board Qty ^ PIC ready ^Backplane ​ ^Components ^Breakout cable ^TIA ^Labels(AI file) ^ 
-|Pending|[[http://​​forums/​profile/​9447-mrspring/​|mrspring]]|Ireland|1|1|1|1|1|--|1(to provide)| 
-|Pending|[[http://​​forums/​profile/​8285-scrubber/​|scrubber]]|UK|1|1|1|1|1|1|1(to provide)| 
-|<wrap hi>​Total</​wrap>​|--|--|<​wrap hi>​20</​wrap>​|<​wrap hi>​18</​wrap>​|<​wrap hi>​9</​wrap>​|<​wrap hi>​9</​wrap>​|<​wrap hi>​8</​wrap>​|<​wrap hi>​7</​wrap>​|<​wrap hi>​7</​wrap>​| 
 \\ \\
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