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Since Thorsten released a 8*8 scan matrix driver,

it's easily possible to use a C64 Keyboard with MIOS.

The C example can be downloaded here :

First, i did this pcb (on a breadboard) :

The program

Use that sample program to test your keyboard connection :

This small app display the key number, the corresponding Character, the midi note number associated to that key, and play a note on channel 1. The keyboard mapping can be found in the “variables.h” file. More than a test, it's a good base for your own programs.

A bigger and more interesting program (a funky sequencer) is still on developpement… stay tuned !

It can look like this


Please write me if you have questions.

Get various files and details related at or

bill 2006/05/02 05:06

More photos



Atm, some key combination lead to errors :

The C64 keyboard pcb do not have signal leds. So, when you try to play some chords (no worry, only a few of them) the scan matrix do not read the keyboard correctly. I guess that problem exist on the real C64, but is not a problem because there's no need to press 4 keys at the same time, in a normal way of use. Most or all 3 notes chords can be played with no problem.

I dont know why the formating of this page is all fucked up :s
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