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The MIDIbox LC is a MIOS based application which emulates a Logic Control / Mackie Control.

Overview uCApps

MIDIbox LC FAQ (English) | MIDIbox LC FAQ (German)

Drive a MIDIBox-LC with 4 LCDs on 1 Core

Logic Control User Manual (PDF)

The old manual which also contains the MIDI implementation (PDF)

Information about Mackie Control

Mappings of Mackie Control messages to popular software functions

This protocol is supported by a lot of host applications.

Last info (report about “Mackie Control Univsersal” from the german magazine Keyboards, issue 01-2005, page 110 ff.):

  • Logic-Control and Logic-Control-XT (LC_EMULATION_ID 0x10 or 0x11) only supported by Logic Audio 5 and higher
  • Mackie-Control and Mackie-Control-XT (LC_EMULATION_ID 0x14 or 0x15) supported by :

Magix Samplitude/Sequoia
Cakewalk Sonar
MotU Digital Performer
Steinberg Cubase SX/SL and Nuendo
Adobe Audition (formerly known as Cool Edit Pro)
APB Tools TH-S
Ableton Live! 5
Vegas Video Studio
Reason 3.0/4.0


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