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MIDIbox SEQ V4 Lite (V4L) Overview/User Guide
MIDIbox SEQ Forum
MIDIbox SEQ V4 Lite mk.II (An updated SEQ V4L that only needs one ribbon connector to the core.)

In addition to reading the V4L User Guide, it may also be helpful to read over some of the MIDIbox SEQ V4 documentation, since the V4L inherits most of its features from the SEQ V4.

  • The V4L as a MIDI Processor - It's not just a sequencer! The V4L can also be used to process incoming midi signals. All incoming MIDI can be forced-to-scale, and effects (like delays and LFOs) can be applied to selected channels. With a configuration change, the processed notes can go out on the same channel they came in on.
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