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Who am I

Hi, this is the Selfservice's Midibox page. My name is Stefano a.k.a DJ Stè and I'm from Italy (so, excuse me for my bad English and feel free to correct me!). I'm studying electronic engineering, I'm a deejay and a d.i.y enthusiast. But stop talking about me, if you are interested go to my website or my myspace MySpace page

What I did

Midibox FM Synth PCB rework

When i started building the Midibox FM Synth I realized that the original PCBs are hard to self etch, and in general less precise, of course due to a speedy design. I produced some new PCBs taking care about easy realization, easy drilling, low noise, and better ground planes. You can find all the files in the Layout Improvements page. Please note this design is a bit different from the original design. The CORE→OPL3 connections is a bit different from the original interconnections diagram.

What I'm going to do

Electronic Organ Massive Midification
I saved this old Electronic Organ from the recycle bin, i've removed all the old electronics and I'm going to inflate this with some new, powerful and extremely exciting Midibox Hardware. The biggest goal is to make the keyboard velocity sensitive, any advice about will be appreciated.

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