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 +====== Summary ======
 +This page is for describing the functions found in the file in the MBSEQ v2.4a application.  ​
 + contains the handler functions for button presses. USER_DIN_NotifyToggle calls SEQ_Button_Handler which first checks to see if the button press came from one of the two shift registers which are assigned in main.asm to be the 16 general purpose buttons.
 +====== Functions ======
 +====== Function Descriptions ======
 +SEQ_BUTTON_Handler_ChkGP1 first moves MIOS_PARAMETER1 into W, AND's W with 0xf8 and then xorlw'​s against "​(DEFAULT_GP_DIN_SR0 - 1) << 3" which, presumably results in zero if the registers match. ​ Perhaps the AND statement converts the button number in MIOS_PARAMETER1 into a value representing which SR it belongs to. 
 +SEQ_BUTTON_Handler searches through for a DIN pin that matches MIOS_PARAMETER1 and then calls the appr. function
 +From the comments:
 + GP button number is stored in MIOS_PARAMETER1,​ button value in MIOS_PARAMETER2 (1 for released, 0 for pressed)
 +If the button press did come from one of the GP's then the program branches to SEQ_GP_Button in, not to be confused with SEQ_Button_GP in  ​
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