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Seppoman's SSM2164 PCB (work in progress…)

Parts List

Part Value Reichelt No.
C1,C2 220 uF RAD 220/25
C3-C6 560 pF KERKO 560P
C7-C12 100nF Z5U-2,5 100N
C13-16 100pF NPO-2,5 100P
C17-C20 470nF Z5U-5 470N (*2)
IC1 SSM2164PZ (*)
IC2,IC3 TL074 TL 074 DIL
P1-P4 10k 64W-10K
R1-R4, R9-R12, 27k METALL 27,0K
R17-R24 27k
R5-R8 470 METALL 470
R13-R16 5.6k METALL 5,60K

(IC sockets, pin headers, flat ribbon cable etc are omitted)

Reichelt Public Shopping Cart

Where to get the SSM2164

(*) There are quite a few places where you can buy the SSM2164. Feel free to add your finds to this section :)

Shop Order Code Price Date Price Checked
Farnell 1438744 6.33 EUR + VAT (2010/07/14)
RS 427-250 6.33 EUR + VAT (2010/07/14)
Digikey SSM2164PZ-ND 6.00 USD (2010/07/14)
Newark 19M9009 6.06 USD (2010/07/14

Note that Farnell only delivers to professional customers and university members.

Value of C17..C20

(*2) These capacitors are part of a low pass filter that smoothes out noise/DAC steps etc from the CV input signal. There's a tradeoff between best cancellation of any zipper/background noise and a very snappy VCA on the other side. The value of 470nF stated in the parts list above is more on the “Silence” side of things. If you prefer a faster response of the VCA in return for some noise in certain situations, you can try lower values in this place. e.g. 220nF is a usable compromise, but you can go lower to 100nF, 10nF or even leave out the capacitor altogether. I suggest you might try out what suits you best with one single channel before stuffing all four caps.

setup and interconnect the module - getting startet

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