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TM5 Housing

this is the Housing for Triggermatrix5


Frontpanel for Milling

if you own a CNC-Machine, you can use this design, otherwhise its cheaper if you leave out those 1,5mm depth Display-Planes, because then you can Lasercut! and thats cheaper



BLM-Acrylic Spacer

Formulor (EU)
Material: 3,00 mm Acrylglas GS Matt
Color: schwarz, opak (9H01)
Price: about 72€ incl Shipping from Germany to Austria

Protection-Glass for Screens

These are made for the Frontpanel-for-Milling-PANEL. But can be used for the Frontpanel-Lasercut too.
use 1mm Clear transparent Precision-Acrylic for example Formulor (EU)
or ponoko (US)

2 Pairs off Protection Screens, optimized for formular:

more Protection Screens, optimized for formular:

Wooden Side Panels

3x Wooden 15mm Panels, DIY or ask your local carpenter or hardwarestore

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