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1 core module, 4 IIC modules, and 8 banksticks on a single pcb designed for midibox seq, router, or any other application you can think of.


core module with two lcd headers and pinout that matches most standard displays.
4 iic modules.
8 banksticks.
all headers (except midi i/o and power) match smashtv's boards and work directly with his modules.
compact 160 x 80 mm pcb.

pcb information

the pcb headers are the same as what is documented at except for the following:

J15A/J15B (no image yet) very important!!! i have included headers for two lcds, and they are rewired to match standard lcd pinouts. please check your lcd datasheet to see if it matches for a 1:1 connection.

J1A is a connection to your power supply, and J1B breaks the connection to the core to allow for a switch. to bypass the switch, simply insert a jumper into J1B or connect the top pins of J1A and J1B to the power supply.

this is the midi i/o header for the core. it uses a 6 or 10 pin dil header. this configuration was requested on the forum. i am using this with a pair of 3-pin sil connectors from futurlec and they sit very snug on the header. J13 is midi input and J12 is midi output.

this is the midi i/o header for the iic modules. J5 is midi input and J6 is midi output.

JP1 configures the pcb to be used as a seq or a router. for seq, connect the left and center pins. for a router, connect the right and center pins.

JP2, JP3, and JP4 configures the pcb to be used as a router. connect each set of pins together if you're using a router. leave them disconnected for a seq.


i was originally going to make a parts list, but the information is already available at
the only difference is i left off the 10uF capacitors on the IIC modules.

group buy


this is the first pcb i've made and i would have been lost without the help from people like smashtv, nils, bugfight, and many others. so thanks for all the help! especially bugfight, who took the time to go over the ultracore schematic and make sure everything was correct (it wasn't). many others from the chat and forum helped me in making the pcb, whether it be ideas, error spotting, or general criticism. the midibox community is truly a really cool place.

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