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MIDIbox Wiki Instructions

This page and the other pages throughout entire wikify:* namespace are just a template. Don't edit these pages. The new pages should be laid out like these.

Wiki Syntax

The best way to learn the syntax and how it is used in the midibox-wiki is just to study existing pages. The syntax is easy to read and learn.
Follow this link to learn more about the syntax.


All wiki-pages are organized in namespaces. A namespace works exactly like a folder on your PC, but instead of a slash '/', a colon ':' is used as a separator. Links can be absolute or relative to the current namespace:

'[[:home]]' links to the page 'home' in the root namespace
'[[:mbhp:module:din]]' links to the page 'mbhp:module:din' in the root namespace
'[[mbhp:module:din]]' links to the page 'mbhp:module:din' in the root namespace
'[[.:mbhp:module:din]]' links to the page 'mbhp:module:din' in the current namespace
'[[din_dout_pin_list]]' links to the page 'din_dout_pin_list' in the current namespace

If you want to read more about DokuWiki-namespaces, follow this link.

Note that if you are on the page ':home:mbhp', you are in the namespace 'home', not 'home:mbhp'. This is a bit confusing, because there is on one hand a page called 'mbhp', on the other there is a namespace called 'mbhp' (:home:mbhp), for example 'home:mbhp:module:din'. To link from the page ':home:mbhp' to ':home:mbhp:module:din' relatively, you would use '.:mbhp:module:din'. Of course you could also use the absolute link ':home:mbhp:module:din'.

However, in most cases it will be easier and safer to just use absolute links.

Namespace Map

This is the namespace-structure of the midibox-wiki. All information concerning the midibox-project has to be somwhere in the 'home' namespace, the 'wikify' namespace is the place for information about how to edit/update the midibox-wiki.

  • home
    • about
      • faq
    • project
      • controller
        • project name if required
      • sequencer
        • project name if required
      • synthesizer
        • project name if required
      • misc
        • project name if required
    • mbhp
      • module
      • pic
      • stm32
    • software
      • pc
        • osx
        • linux
        • windows
        • xplatform
      • mbhp
        • mios
        • mios32
      • code
        • picasm
        • c
        • c++
    • skills
      • troubleshooting
    • community
      • bulk_order

  • wikify
    • template

Global Documentation

Homepage template, with templates for child pages, as per the above namespace map.

Documenting Projects

Documenting Modules

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