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I'm working on a control surface PCB for MB-SEQ V3/V4.

For now, info on this can be found in this thread: 10998-mb-seq-v3v4-control-surface-pcb-and-matching-case

If you want to buy this PCB and optionally the parts to go with it, see this bulk order page: wilba_mb_seq_pcb_bulk_order




Here are the plans.

BTW a desktop-style case made of aluminium panels and extrusions is being evaluated at the moment and may be available through a bulk order arranged on this forum in the near future. It will be compatible with the 17“ panel design, but the “perfect” solution would be if the 17” panel had a routed edge so it could slot into the case around its edges.

I can't share any more details at the moment, but I also don't want anyone to be disappointed if they get a 19“ panel made and then get disappointed when a bulk order for cases is announced soon after, which won't be compatible with their 19” panel (unless they chop off 1“ from each side!). In this interim period, I will discuss things privately with julianf and the people planning to get a panel… it would make sense if they also ordered a rear panel made with cutouts compatible with Core32 module, seppoman's SD card and ETH modules, and a power socket/switch PCB which I will be selling in the future for MB-SEQ/BLM builders. So all this is only relevant to people who ALREADY have an MB-SEQ PCB and are considering ordering a panel.

Please note: this future bulk order will be for a desktop style case and will not be rack mountable. If you prefer a rack mountable MB-SEQ then stick with the 19”x3U panel design.

I strongly advise people check that their intended panel/case design will work with this PCB, and allow me to help (a second pair of eyes to find problems will save you a costly mistake or problems with construction).

The PCB is designed for a minimum panel size of 17.000 x 5.200 inches (just under 3U rack enclosure width/height), so the PCB is 16.600 x 4.800 inches in size, thus has 0.200 inches clearance around the edge. This is not much at all, as the case would be made from folded sheet metal, attached at the left/right sides by the “studs”. So, if you are going to make a desktop-only case, enlarge the panel size in both width and height to give enough room for thicker case sides, etc. If you are using a 3U rack enclosure, it's best to get the 19“ panel made, with extra holes drilled for mounting the panel to the case.

Before ordering/making panels, I'd really like to check your plans and how you intend to use this PCB/panel design.

Note: there are “opt” and “unopt” versions of the layout, the “opt” versions have the artwork as a single HPGL engraving object thus saving some money. You only need to use the “unopt” version if you want to change the font or the text. If you only want to change the artwork colour, the “opt” version lets you do this, just edit the HPGL engraving object and change the tool for each “pen”.



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