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Wilba's MBlog


I've been tinkering with MIDIbox stuff since 2003, mostly playing with MIDIBox SID synth, and also started off the MIOS Studio project.

I discovered while playing with low-end PICs and MIDI and needing something with more grunt to achieve my own MIDI controller ideas.


MIDIbox SID Synthesizer V1

This was my first MB-SID box, an old brown C64 case filled with 4x6582s, the “optimized C64 PSU” circuit, eight BankSticks, and a “step B” control surface, incorporating a 2×20 PLED display. It actually is a partially completed “step C” control surface, which I stopped working on because I was inspired to start working on the next MIDIbox SID project, an 8xSID MIDIbox SID V2 Synthesizer.

I started out with a bunch of Core and SID module PCBs that I got made for me, then suffered a major 6581 SID frying disaster, and put the MIDIBox SID synth project on hold for a year. I then got back into it again, got more filterless 6581s, got some good 8580s and 6582s, got my 4xSID box going, and then got inspired to do something different.

MIDIbox SID Synthesizer V2

I call this project MB-6582 because it has 8×6582 SIDs. For more information, go to my MB-6582 page.

MIDIbox SEQ V3/V4 Control Surface PCB

I designed a control surface PCB for MB-SEQ V3, which can be used for MB-SEQ V4.

See wilba_mb_seq


sammichSID was designed to be the “no excuses” MIDIbox SID synthesizer kit - i.e. for all those people who want a MIDIbox SID but consider building it with modules too time-consuming, too newbie-unfriendly and/or too hard to design and construct a control surface, and where MB-6582 is too expensive, too daunting and/or too hard to source all the parts.

See this thread:,14079.0.html

MIDIbox Ribbon Controller

No cool name yet, for now I will call it MIDIbox RC It's basically a virtual string MIDI controller. Inspired by the Ztar by Starr Labs, and ribbon controllers (which have been around for ages). The plan is to have four ribbon controllers for the four virtual strings, which will let you play sliding notes easily, like a fretless bass or slide guitar. This project is still in the design and prototype phase, so not much to show off or talk about yet.

Bulk Orders

I am officially suffering from Bulk Order Madness Syndrome, which means I frequently run bulk orders for MIDIbox related components. Example: to date I have bought over 4,000 SIDs and sold nearly all of them.

See Wilba's Bulk Orders


Here's my current status on 6582A SID selling: WILBA'S 6582A SID MEGA SALE!!!

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