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Data Structures

union  sysex_state_t


#define SYSEX_DISACK   0x0e
#define SYSEX_ACK   0x0f
#define SYSEX_BLM_CMD_REQUEST   0x00
#define SYSEX_BLM_CMD_LAYOUT   0x01
#define BLM_MAX_PACKETS   8




s32 BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_Init (u32 mode)
s32 BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_MIDI_PortSet (u8 blm, mios32_midi_port_t port)
mios32_midi_port_t BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_MIDI_PortGet (u8 blm)
blm_scalar_master_connection_state_t BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_ConnectionStateGet (u8 blm)
s32 BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_ButtonCallback_Init (s32(*button_callback_func)(u8 blm, blm_scalar_master_element_t element_id, u8 button_x, u8 button_y, u8 button_depressed))
s32 BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_FaderCallback_Init (s32(*fader_callback_func)(u8 blm, u8 fader, u8 value))
s32 BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_LED_Set (u8 blm, blm_scalar_master_element_t element_id, u8 led_x, u8 led_y, blm_scalar_master_colour_t colour)
blm_scalar_master_colour_t BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_LED_Get (u8 blm, blm_scalar_master_element_t element_id, u8 led_x, u8 led_y)
s32 BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_RotateViewSet (u8 blm, u8 rotate_view)
s32 BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_RotateViewGet (u8 blm)
s32 BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_RowOffsetSet (u8 blm, u8 row_offset)
s32 BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_RowOffsetGet (u8 blm)
s32 BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_NumColumnsGet (u8 blm)
s32 BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_NumRowsGet (u8 blm)
s32 BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_NumColoursGet (u8 blm)
s32 BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_TimeoutCtrSet (u8 blm, u16 ctr)
s32 BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_TimeoutCtrGet (u8 blm)
s32 BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_ForceDisplayUpdate (u8 blm)
s32 BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_MIDI_Receive (mios32_midi_port_t port, mios32_midi_package_t midi_package)
s32 BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_MIDI_TimeOut (mios32_midi_port_t port)
s32 BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_SYSEX_Parser (mios32_midi_port_t port, u8 midi_in)
s32 BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_SendRequest (u8 blm, u8 req)
s32 BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_Periodic_mS (void)


u16 blm_scalar_master_leds_green [BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_NUM_ROWS]
u16 blm_scalar_master_leds_red [BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_NUM_ROWS]
u16 blm_scalar_master_leds_extracolumn_green
u16 blm_scalar_master_leds_extracolumn_red
u16 blm_scalar_master_leds_extracolumn_shift_green
u16 blm_scalar_master_leds_extracolumn_shift_red
u16 blm_scalar_master_leds_extrarow_green
u16 blm_scalar_master_leds_extrarow_red
u8 blm_scalar_master_leds_extra_green
u8 blm_scalar_master_leds_extra_red

Detailed Description


Define Documentation

#define BLM_MAX_PACKETS   8
#define SYSEX_ACK   0x0f
#define SYSEX_BLM_CMD_LAYOUT   0x01
#define SYSEX_BLM_CMD_REQUEST   0x00
#define SYSEX_DISACK   0x0e

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Function Documentation

s32 BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_ButtonCallback_Init ( s32(*)(u8 blm, blm_scalar_master_element_t element_id, u8 button_x, u8 button_y, u8 button_depressed)  button_callback_func  ) 

Installs callback function for BLM16x16 buttons

blm_scalar_master_connection_state_t BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_ConnectionStateGet ( u8  blm  ) 

Returns connection state to MBHP_BLM_SCALAR:

0 no contact yet
1 contact via MIDI protocol
2 contact via simplified Lemur protocol
s32 BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_FaderCallback_Init ( s32(*)(u8 blm, u8 fader, u8 value)  fader_callback_func  ) 

Installs callback function for faders

s32 BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_ForceDisplayUpdate ( u8  blm  ) 

Enforces a display update

s32 BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_Init ( u32  mode  ) 

Initializes the BLM_SCALAR_MASTER driver Should be called from Init() during startup

[in] mode currently only mode 0 supported
< 0 if initialisation failed
blm_scalar_master_colour_t BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_LED_Get ( u8  blm,
blm_scalar_master_element_t  element_id,
u8  led_x,
u8  led_y 

Returns the current colour of a LED

s32 BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_LED_Set ( u8  blm,
blm_scalar_master_element_t  element_id,
u8  led_x,
u8  led_y,
blm_scalar_master_colour_t  colour 

Sets a LED to the given colour

mios32_midi_port_t BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_MIDI_PortGet ( u8  blm  ) 

Returns the currently configured MIDI IN/OUT port for MBHP_BLM_SCALAR communication

0 no communication
the MIDI port if != 0
s32 BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_MIDI_PortSet ( u8  blm,
mios32_midi_port_t  port 

Sets the IN/OUT port for MBHP_BLM_SCALAR communication

s32 BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_MIDI_Receive ( mios32_midi_port_t  port,
mios32_midi_package_t  midi_package 

Receives a MIDI package from APP_NotifyReceivedEvent (-> app.c) if port matches with blm_midi_port

Here is the call graph for this function:

s32 BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_MIDI_TimeOut ( mios32_midi_port_t  port  ) 

This function is called from NOTIFY_MIDI_TimeOut() in app.c if the MIDI parser runs into timeout

s32 BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_NumColoursGet ( u8  blm  ) 

Returns the number of colours as reported by the BLM during layout request

s32 BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_NumColumnsGet ( u8  blm  ) 

Returns the number of columns as reported by the BLM during layout request

s32 BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_NumRowsGet ( u8  blm  ) 

Returns the number of columns as reported by the BLM during layout request

s32 BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_Periodic_mS ( void   ) 

This function should be periodically called each mS

handle Timeout

take over update force flag

send LED changes to BLM16x16

send LED changes to extra buttons

Here is the call graph for this function:

s32 BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_RotateViewGet ( u8  blm  ) 

Returns != 0 if screen currently rotated by 90 grad

s32 BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_RotateViewSet ( u8  blm,
u8  rotate_view 

Rotates the Screen by 90 grad

s32 BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_RowOffsetGet ( u8  blm  ) 

Returns the current row offset

s32 BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_RowOffsetSet ( u8  blm,
u8  row_offset 

Sets a row offsets when sending the display data for smaller BLM screens

s32 BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_SendRequest ( u8  blm,
u8  req 

This function is called to request the layout

Here is the call graph for this function:

s32 BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_SYSEX_Parser ( mios32_midi_port_t  port,
u8  midi_in 

This function parses an incoming sysex stream for MIOS32 commands Called from SysEx hook in app.c

s32 BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_TimeoutCtrGet ( u8  blm  ) 
the current timeout counter
s32 BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_TimeoutCtrSet ( u8  blm,
u16  ctr 

Directly sets the timeout counter, e.g. to 0 so that the BLM will be disabled until a newly selected port receives a connection request

Variable Documentation

u16 blm_scalar_master_leds_green[BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_NUM_ROWS]

Global variables

u16 blm_scalar_master_leds_red[BLM_SCALAR_MASTER_NUM_ROWS]

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