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Bosone - Alchemy Studio page

Hi! i'm an italian midiboxer, hobbyist musician, producer, fan of DIY projects…

My first midibox was built in 2000 (i think), it was the very first midibox 16 and it was placed… in a shoebox! when i built the first midibox i knew absolutely nothing about soldering and electronics, and thorsten helper me a lot (thanks again!!!)

in so many years i have built other midiboxes:

A new midibox 16e controller

The sequencer


The AC Sensorizer - thanks to Audiocommander!! I have also added a custom ribbon controller to this unit

I updated the SID several times. i began with just the core and SID modules, without control surface. Then i added the stepA CS with a rotary encoder, the LCD and some buttons. Now, i'm planning to extend to CS step C. I will use an “new” old C64 case to host everything…

I wrote some Italian FAQs for the forum and i'm the moderator for the italian section of the forum.

come listen to my music at my website: you will find free mp3, free samples, all my projects, instruments, customization, videos, etc…

I'm into a lot of different music, from metal to classical to soundtrack-style, to experimental…

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