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LRE8x2 096 SSD1306-BAR for Eurorack V2

I made this PCBs to use it with Fairlightii´s mb-lre8x2cs_pcb

I didnt panalize it, so you have to do this when ordering the PCB online
you will need 4 PCBs per LRE8x2… normally you want to order 8 PCBs (using 2x LRE8x2)

Here are the gerberfiles for production - i made it withJLCPCB
These are the settings, if you want to V-Groove it you have to panalize it at 2×4 PCBs at one pcb. the minimal order is 5 PCBs… so you may have then 4 sets left that you can sell or make a present for anyone…

If you use EuroPacket as shipping method you will pay 26€ / thats incl import duty and taxes!

Hardware Requirements

  • aMIOS32-Core to connect too
  • DisplayDriver-SMD which buffers the Displays, they are already assambled, and 5 pieces costs around 60€ - you only need 1 PCB here (60/5=12€) - the 4 left you will definitfly need some time…
  • Soldering Iron - with a Dip that can Handle Thruhole-Parts, solder Paste…
  • mb-lre8x2cs_pcb for its nature use
  • LRE5-LCD2 as UI to handle Patch management and automation (if you want to use my code…)
  • You may need a DINX4 Module, in order to get the encoders inbuilt Pushbotton to work
  • If you have not already - you will need a IDC-Crimper for all your Midibox Cables reichelt


Building and BOM

Following Quantity is for 1 PCB (you may need this up to 8 times!):
2x 1Row 7Pin Male headers (2.54mm pitch) - normally delivered with the Displays!
4x 8PIN Ribbon Connectors (2x4Pin Female) + Cables mouser
2x 8PIN Ribbon Terminals (2x4Pin Male) SMD Variant JLCPCB
2x 0.96“ SSD1306 Screens 7Pin Variant! i recommend white ones, order 2 extras because you might have faulty ones because of Heat-Soldering Damage and replacement for later repair.. Ali express
2x 8Pin Ribbon Cables (i recommend to order a lot off them)
2x M3 Black Screws - cant remember the length - 1,5cm is enough
2x M3 Black Acrylic Spacers - cant remember the right length - i guess 6mm? mouser
2x M3 Nuts


I made a DXF File which you can send to Formulor in Germany

2 Plates in one File:
I payed 40€ summed for booth plates incl shipping from Germany to Austria

2 Plates & 2 Plates for a • lre5-lcd2 in one
I payed 45€ summed for booth plates incl shipping from Germany to Austria

Recommend Material from Formulor:
3mm Acrylglas GS 384x384mm, mittelgrau transparent(7C83)

To Do

The LRE-OLED-Bar & The Frontpanel are a Part of my MSQ-CC-LRE-V2
so look there for more information….

Community users working on it

  • Phatline = PCB & Shematic, UI-Programming, Documentation…

Just let a Private message on the forum to user already involved.

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